Five Tips That'll Help You Have a Fantastic Threesome

For many of us, threesomes are the kind of sexploits that only happen in the movies. However, with a little forethought and planning, you can make a three-way tryst a very sexy reality.

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If you're part of a couple, you should choose your third partner wisely. They can give you the real threesome experience. You can find a single person in your larger friend group who you're not too close with but who would be open to a threesome. With a stranger, there's no long-term attachment, but you do run a bigger risk of not being attracted to the person, and there are the obvious potential safety hazards, like STDs. Do avoid any ex-lovers or best friends. It will make things complicated. If you're a single woman who wan to try a threesome online, you may try dating sites, where couples may be looking for a third. To help first-timers and beginners navigate this tricky territory, here are some tips that'll help you have a fantastic threesome.

1. Make sure everyone's comfortable with each other and excited.

If you are going to do a threesome, it's a good idea for the threesome participants to go on a date and hang out with each other prior to sleeping together. That way, you can get a feel of the chemistry between the three of you, both sexually and emotionally. And never have a threesome simply because your partner is really into this person but you're not.

2. It's also a good idea to establish safe words so that everyone has an easy way of opting out of an act of stopping the threesome altogether.

As with sex parties, it's important that you discuss and create boundaries between you and your partners, and the third before the actual sex. Once the sex starts, you might be so turned on that you'll want to toss those rules out the window, but creating boundaries and sticking to them will prevent post-threesome regret.

3. Make sure all three of you are communicating before and during sex.

Communicating well means being a 100% actively engaged and respectful listener, not cutting anyone off when they are being expressive of their feelings, and being receptive to the expression and feedback. If someone says the safe word or expresses a wish to stop, all parties must halt. An important reminder for the couple: Check in with your third periodically in the best threesome websites. They don't miss your sex toy; they're a person who is also present for a pleasurable experience.

4. Don’t expect a perfectly smooth ride.

Unfortunately, as most jaded adults know, things don't always go as planned. Communication prior can help prevent things go out of control, but it's also important to understand that, no matter what you do or how prepared you think you are, it may not go as planned. As many couples seeking threesome online, that's just a risk you're agreeing to take when deciding to go for the desired reward. If you don't enjoy the threesome, either doesn't do it again.

5. Go out in public together after.

What do you do after the sex has ended and (hopefully) everyone has gotten off? Whether the third spends the night is up to you all, but just like you'd take someone out to brunch after the first time you have sex, it's a good idea to get out of the house to balance the mood and let your third know they're not just your plaything.